Cooking Sauces (Sos Masakan)

Rasaku sauces continue to be traditionally brewed using only the finest natural ingredients.
Our high quality tasty sauces are :

  • Oyster Sauce (Sos Tiram) is a viscous dark brown condiment made from oyster extracts, sugar, salt and water thickened with corn starch to enhance and intensify the taste of dishes such as steam vegetables and meat dishes.
  • Sweet Soy Sauce (Kicap Manis) is a sweetened aromatic soy sauce, brew locally in Malaysia, which has a darker color, combination of soy sauce and caramel enhances the overall taste of dishes such as fried rice, fried noodle, satay and more.
  • Thick Soy Sauce (Kicap Pekat) is are sweeter and have a thicker consistency than dark soy sauce. That is due to the addition of sugar, more wheat in the fermentation process. It tastes sweet and is usually used in stir-fry foods and dips. Some people use it in stews and braised meat rice.
  • Light Soy Sauce (Kicap Masin) is a thin, reddish-brown liquid condiment made from fermented soybeans and wheat. It is one of the most crucial ingredients in Malaysian cooking. It is quite salty and has a rich soy aroma.
  • Packed in 1.3L and 3.4L